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Co-Curricular Activities

Vidyathi Vyaktimatva Vikas

Initially started as the Vidhyarthini Vyaktimatva Vikas the college has conducted several seminars & lectures by top women achievers to encourage female students to become strong, independent and confident.

Now the format has changed for the better, to benefit all students male and female alike. As such the college plans an annual lecture series spanning over 3 days, of industry experts, specialists and entrepreneurs from various walks of life, who share their sea of knowledge and experiences with the students, giving them a peek into a plethora of opportunities available to them, and guide them towards achieving their goals.


Student Council

The Student Council is a group of volunteer students chosen by their peers, who work together with a teacher reprensentative within the framework of the college. It is a means for providing a bridge of communication and student expression between students and college. The other activities of the Student Council include assistance in school affairs and activities, give opportunities for student experience in leadership, organize social events, community projects and encourage student.​

The SMCC Student Council meets regularly to understand the issues faced by our students and effectively communicate them to the respective offices so that a solution may be generated and implemented for the benefit of students.

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Soft Skill Development

Soft skills are a combination of people skillssocial skillscommunication skillscharacter or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social and emotional intelligence quotients, that enable students to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing technical or academic skills.

At SMCC we provide every input to our students for their all round development. Lectures and training excercises from eminent speakers for public speaking with confidence, resume writing and interview skills, how to choose and approach career, etc. are conducted in college.


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Industrial Visits and Campus Visits of Industry Experts

Theoretical knowledge means that you understand the fundamental concepts and have know-how about how something works and its mechanism. Practical knowledge guarantees that you are able to actually do something instead of simply knowing how to do it.


For our students to be able to make strides in real world scenarios, SMCC puts equal amount of stress on both Theoretical and Practical Knowlegde. Without practice, one is not able to perform an activity as well as one could, and hence SMCC allows its students to experience first hand what it takes to excel in various fields through industrial visits and campus visits of industry experts who share their valuable knowledge.

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SMCC Bazaar

SMCC Bazaar is the perfect opportunity for students to showcase their business skills and to implement the theoretical and practical knowledge they have received in college. This is an Entreprenuership building activity.

Stalls are set up and students are encouraged to make and sell their products over a weekend in college. This helps them get hands-on experience of running a own business and earn real profits, building confidence in their abilities and ideas.

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