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A well-equipped and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure. The importance of library in education can be appreciated properly and precisely only if we try to understand the changing concepts of education. Today, education bereft of library service is like a body without soul.
                                                                                                                                                                                          - The College Library Manual

Facilities & Services

Smt. Sudhatai Mandke College, has an extensive Library and Knowledge Resource Center.
Number of books: 3000+
Number of Magazines / Periodicals / Journals: 20
Number of Rare or Special Books: 20
Number of Computers with Internet for Research and Study: 02

  1. ​OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) through VRIDHHI Software is implemented to check the availability & status of library material.
  2. All the books in the library are have barcodes for referencing.
  3. Computer and Internet facility is provided to the staff and students.

  4. Database of E-journals and E-books has been subscribed through N-LIST Program of UGC INFLIBNET.

  5. Facility to print and photocopy study material if available to students, if required.

  6. Latest editions of Competitive examination books are made available in the library.

  7. Daily newspapers in English and Marathi are available for the users. 

  8. Drinking water facility is provided.

  9. Display Stands allow users to know of latest arrivals of Books and Magazines in the Library

  10. Every year Saraswati Pooja and Vachan Prerna Din (15thOct) are celebrated in the Library.

  11. Student & Faculty feedback are welcomed and acted upon, in order to continuously improve services in the Library.

Subscriptions to Online Publications

Commerce and Language Lab

Commerce Lab is set up to showcase charts and projects made by the students. 

The Language Lab houses books and CDs in many languages. Students make full use of the same for either honing their language skills or learn a new language just for fun.


Monday to Friday:    8am - 3pm

Saturday               :    8am - 1pm

Lunch Break         :    1pm - 1:30pm

Library Rules

  1. Student ID and OWN Library card are compulsory to get books issued. Library card is non transferable.

  2. Maximum 2 books will be issued against library card for 7 days only.

  3. Late charge of 1 rupee per day per book will be charged after 7 days.

  4. Periodicals, journals and reference material will be issued against ID card.

  5. If any book is damaged or lost, student will have to replace the same at own cost. 

  6. Eatables and water bottles NOT allowed inside Library

  7. Silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library.

  8. Readers should ensure that the cell phones are in switch off or silent mode at all times in the Library.

  9. Use of Computer: Online and offline services are for academic use only and not to be used for commercial or personal purposes.

  10. Students must follow Library rules set forth from time to time. Failing to do so might result in suspension, cancellation, or permanent blacklisting of the individual from admission to and borrowing of books from the library.


Central & Convenient Location


- Bus Stop Exactly Opposite Premises

-Convenient Location - Near Paud Phata Flyover


Library & Knowledge Resource Center

An extensive Library & which houses books, magazines, periodicals etc. which keeps our students gainfully engaged.


Spacious and Airy Classrooms

A good clean environment to ensure high level of productivity of each student.


Boys & Girls Common Rooms

Separate Boys & Girls Common Rooms to relax in between students busy schedules. 

Compu lab (2).jpg

Computer Lab

The College has a spacious computer laboratory. The lab is equipped with latest computers, software, high speed internet facility and server with UPS Backup.

G-Physcical Education Gymkhana (4).jpg

Gymnasium & Games Room

Being phsically fit is is the first step to being mentally healthly. The College has a well equipped Gynasium and Indoor Games Room, where students can imbibe the sportsman spirit.

Seminar Hall.jpg

AV and Presentation Room

Presentations become more interesting and effective when done using a good Audio-Visual medium.

classroom (3).jpg

Seminar Hall

Our seminar hall has a seating capacity of 100. Seminars, lectures and workshops on various topics are conducted here on a regular basis.

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