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Mandke Institute of International Languages (MIIL)

We have a goal. To ensure that the youth of India realize their full potential and scale new heights globally.

Every year, along with other streams, thousands of MBA & Engineering students graduate without having a clear picture of their future in mind. Jobs for these students are also limited. It becomes necessary for them to have a ''differentiator'' so they stand out in the “crowd”.

      Because of increasing international collaboration, along with knowledge expertise, manpower exchange is taking place on a very large scale. It has become essential to be proficient in the local foreign language.

   The main aim of Mandke Institute of International Languages (MIIL) is to provide an opportunity to expand one’s horizon and hop-step-jump into the International Job Market.

At MIIL we provide BUSINESS LEVEL Language Training in English, Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish to enable these students to acquire good jobs in MNCs in India and Abroad.

For this we have a huge infrastructure, highly qualified teachers, an extensive library and mostly importantly we are in touch with many companies who require people regularly that can read, write and speak these languages.


          "A MIILlion Opportunities | A MIILlion Possibilities" for all.

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